Get Up Kid…

What’s up party people? It’s been tough to come up with stuff to write about, so I’m just gonna power through… here we go…


Training has been tough the past month for a multitude of reasons- sickness due to allergies, family life, professional life, etc. These are not excuses, we all have stuff to take care of and prioritize. But sometimes, it requires sacrificing things and functioning without some happiness; in this case, it was being in the gym. Why the sacrifice? Simple, giving and sharing love for one another. More about that soon…

The times I have been able to make it back to Hardbody Gym, my brother George put me through the gauntlet. Super sets galore, making me leave gross sweat angels on the floor πŸ˜‚. We’re still focusing on core and legs; core is my weakest point and legs are my strongest muscles.

I admit one thing… the mental game is a bit tough as it was easy for me to slip back into the comparison mode; measuring my strength and abilities to the other athletes in the gym. At one point, I kept staring at other athletes and watching them slang tons of weights. This mental bug would bite me as I tried to keep up with them; trying to high pounds with them. Kept thinking about my old self- lifting 455 lbs deadlift, 405 squat, 245 bench, etc etc etc. But then I remembered: running is not about all out brute strength; the strength is measured by how long you can hold onto that strength in yards, miles, and kilometers. Being strong for 26.2 miles requires wicked strength and stamina.

Meanwhile, the past two weeks have been a different story. Strength training has become fun again! We’re bringing different movements and variations of core/leg work.


So, umm, yea… running has not been existent. It’s been tough to hit the pavement due to being exhausted from life. Again, no excuses, just trying to do some self-care with rest. I managed one 5 miler last week. Felt good to get out and move for a few.

During this time of the year, I usually do the Remember the Ten 10k in Stillwater as a way to splash into the spring running season. Well, I didn’t make it LOL. However, there will be an opportunity next week for a very important cause.

Just a quick note, Indigenous Women experience assault at a very high rate (3/5, These assaults lead to Indigenous Women become missing and/or found murdered. Next Sunday, I will be joining a group of runners on a virtual run to help bring awareness of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women #MMIW and running in prayer for our matriarchs. If you’re in the Tulsa area and would like to join up, I’ll be running Riverside! For more info, check out Red Earth Running Company and Native Women Running on Instagram. Also, check out the next pic for additional info about the virtual run:


I hate selfies, never been a big fan of them. But it’s cool to take a look back at where you’ve been and see your progression. 5 years ago, I was sitting at 242 lbs, struggling with plantar fasciitis, crashing my diets, barely passing 5k finish lines, and toeing the line of type-2 diabetes. Now, I’m sitting at 215 lbs, crossing marathon lines, more consistent on my diet, and focused on self-mastery (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical πŸ’ͺ🏽).

If you have followed my story, you know that I’ve battled life changes, depression, and anxiety. At times, I couldn’t pick myself up and move forward. Throughout my experience, I’ve learned that love and spiritual strength is what got me through the storms. Is this true for everyone? Not exactly, a person has to discover their own life strength and truth. Sometimes, these muscles are the only pieces of strength we have. So, get up kid… this is the 10th round and we will win

Ok my folks. I gotta get back to the grind. Y’all be cool and run your race: One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time

One Love



Hit the Reset Button

What’s up my people? It has been a long while since I’ve written, so let’s get some updates…

After the New Year, I did not want to see another weight room, weight plate, or running trail for a while. Part of it was enjoying holiday foods and the other part was fatigue of training for 8 months. Yet, another part was some additional life changes that occurred in the past couple months; roles have switched up that has placed me to be more active among my family. I enjoy it, but it is also reality that sets in.


It was back to the grind at Hardbody Gym and Mvskoke Dome. At HBG, we have been focusing on leg strength gains as well as developing my core and back. Super sets galore!

Through the Dome, I finally picked up some cross-training that I have been really to try for the longest time: boxing! Note: it’s only been one month, so I lack a lot of technique and endurance, but it’s fun! πŸ˜‚

So here’s what my weekly regiment looks like:
Sundays (just shorter runs for now, around 3-6 miles): long runs
Mondays : Speed training- 5k
Tuesdays: Two-a-days- boxing class and weight training
Wednesdays: Rest, or speed training- 5k
Thursdays: Two-a-days- boxing class and weight training
Fridays: light jog
Saturdays: Rest

Diet has consisted of more proteins (fish, chicken, pork, peanut butter) and grains (rice, quinoa, etc.). Carbs are somewhat limited, i just make sure not to go overboard with them. Sandwiches using whole wheat bread, veggies, and a protein are my go-to at work. And, of course, coffee with Honey Stinger Wildflower Honey. Diets are trial and error based, so be sure to keep track on your body’s fuel and responses.

Don’t get it twisted though, and this might sound counterproductive and a “wtf” moment, but you need to have an occasional cheat day during the week. My go to food has always been pizza or gyros (yum).

Future Races

So I had every intention running a marathon this spring. My first choice was to do the North Olympic Discovery Marathon in Olympia, Washington. After my slow start, it doesn’t look like a possibility (sorry Cecilia!).

In the meantime, I have put on my calendar to run the Remember the Ten 10k Run in Stillwater, OK (my hometown). For me, it is not only a run to do back home, but I do it as a personal tribute to my alma mater (OK St, Go Pokes!) and the 10 lives that were lost during the 2001 basketball season, which I was a sophomore at OSU when it happened. A lot of Cowboy Country felt the pain and have come together in this tribute. Should be fun, Pistols Firing!

My marathon is shaping up. Today, I submitted my lottery submission for the Marine Corps Marathon. That is another race that had a profound impact on me as I ran in memory of my Uncle Joe Halley, USMC Carlson’s Raiders and Purple Heart recipient

I entered the NYC Marathon lottery, and of course didn’t get selected (there was only a 8% chance of getting in!), and so I applied to run for a non-profit. We’ll see how my application goes. It would be absolutely insane if I got in and ran one of the world’s greatest marathons! Can you tell I’m psyched?

Worst case scenarios: I have been researching and exploring marathons in other cities. Memphis St. Jude’s Marathon looks great! A buddy of mine told me that some of the child patients greet the runners along the marathon route; talk about tugging at the heart strings. And I admit, I have a huge heart for kids #peteylovesthekids

Other races include Twin Cities and DFW. We’ll see though. Season is shaping up though with the commitment to run Route 66 with my brother Nic.

OK- a couple of kids are bouncing around like puppies waiting to hit up the Gathering Place. Pretty awesome park if you’re in the Tulsa area: Y’all be cool! Be sure to run your race One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time.

One Love

Sting the New Year

What’s up party people?

So, I’ve tried to write this blog over and over, but the thoughts were not rolling out like I want them to. So here’s my fourth attempt πŸ˜‚

I really don’t have “new year, new me” thoughts. This past year, I really focused on self-mastery; focused on myself as a person and as a father by gaining strength spiritually, physically, and emotionally. So far, I have noticed a huge change. The journey, by any means, isn’t done. However, it does mean that I’ve found a blueprint to my development. New year, stay the course, run the system.

What does that mean for you? It doesn’t mean you have to follow exactly what I do. It’s really knowing yourself (yes, i know it has been said tons of times LOL). For example, if you look at my past entries, I’m constantly looking for ways to become a runner; knowing where my body crashes on nutrients during long distances (Mile 20-22), doing effective training regiments (working with George and Rojer’s regiments), ingesting certain gels/food to carry me through running (GU, Honey Stinger).

It has taken a lot to understand myself as a runner and as a person. 3 marathons later, the picture of me as a runner is a lot clearer than it was a year ago. In other words, your body and overall self is a science; constant trial and error, then running with works for you.

The keys here are dedication, commitment, and love. It’s easy to get all the supplements and runner’s gear, but it really falls back on your self-commitment and self-love. Doesn’t necessarily have to be running; it could be what you do as a professional or your personal relationships.

Runner’s Updates

My brother Nick visited us right after Christmas and was really talking up running. He asked me about my journey and experiences. I told him that running a marathon is a whole other level, but it’s a huge celebration of your commitment. Next thing I know, my dude signed both of us to next fall’s Route 66 Marathon πŸ‘€. Can’t wait to hit the pavement, this is gonna be good. Nick is the tall brotha on the far right

Another update: so I was sitting in the office, mad chillin-like, and I happened to check my email and got a huge surprise.

Quick context: Earlier in the day, I kept reading all my buddies on IG that received ambassadorships with running products. Per normal Petey-time, I missed a lot of applications. Then I came across one application with one of my favorite products and gave it shot.

The email I received was from Honey Stinger. Your dude was selected to be a 2019 Ambassador! It’s a big honor to represent an awesome company while on the trail. πŸπŸƒπŸ½β€β™‚οΈπŸπŸƒπŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

Alright my folks. I gotta hang it up here and get ready for the week. I’ve been planning upcoming posts that will include pieces of my regiment, diet, and other info. In the meantime, keep running your race One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time.

Cheers to 10 years of running… from barely crossing the 5k finish line to crossing marathon finish lines πŸ₯‚πŸ»

My Mantra

What’s up party people? I know, I know… it’s taken me forever to write about my Route 66 Marathon experience. It’s been tough to wrap my head around everything going on post race- being with family, Thanksgiving, and work. But I’m here now! Let’s get into it…

Post Marine Corps Marathon

So after I came back from MCM, I took the following week off from lifting and running. Needed to hit the reset button for a minute and think about my race.

You see, Marathon is much more than just running; it’s a mental and spiritual test. In my past writings, I’ve said it is a ceremony- you’re sacrificing your mind, body, and spirit. For me, it’s a chance to share the road with thousands of runners, fans, and to be in prayer. During MCM, my parents kept reminding me through messages that I’m running for those that cannot run; what we’re doing (Running) is much bigger than ourselves. Maybe that’s a reason why less than 1% of the population can run 26.2 miles, we are a select few that can carry this kind of strength and spirit. Don’t get it twisted though, everyone has their own unique way of shining and not everyone can accomplish those achievements. Point here is that we all have an opportunity to do something special πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½

MCM was the first time I’ve ran a marathon by myself. This race was different. It broke so many chains (mental stigmas) and it was a personal revelation of strength and spirit. The 8 months of preparation through sweat, gains, pain, standing up after being knocked down, and crossing the finish line was proof that I needed for myself.

After coming home and spending time with my kid crew, I made it a point to visit my bro George. He invested so many hours and energy to push me beyond my limits, he was one of my peoples that I had to bring the MCM medal ‘chip home to:

Following my week off, I came back to Hardbody Gym to readjust my body and work out any aliments. After some quick workouts, I was ready to take on Route 66 Marathon.

Route 66 Marathon

Leading up to Route 66, I did my usual routine; carbed up a couple days before, got hydrated, collected my gu gels/carb packs, collected running gear, attended the expo with my kid crew, and watched my OSU Cowboys beat West Virginia πŸŠπŸ”«πŸˆ

Morning of the run, I did it in typical Petey fashion, running late πŸ˜‚. Promptly showed up 15 mins before gun time LOL. Got to my corral and about froze my fingers off πŸ₯Ά

This felt different from MCM. Not only was I back at home running, but a lot of stigmas were gone. Instead of tracking my running time, I didn’t bring my Fitbit and did not turn on my running app. It was me, my jams (you can listen to my playlist here, and the road. Let’s go. Two marathons in one month. Let’s be legendary…

All of the sudden, the race became fun. I was smiling a lot and laughing with other runners I met on the route. High-fived tons of people. Saw my buddy Sam at mile 15, gave a quick hug. Made sure to go beast mode in front of the camera (probably because Mo Bamba was playing in my ears)

At mile 14, I felt my energy drop. I quickly texted my running fam Vicki and asked her to meet me at mile 20 and bring a 5 Hour Extra Strength. Once I made it to TU, it was a breath of life to see her and her daughter waiting for me. It was a huge blessing to have them a part of my journey

After being reenergized, the remaining 6 miles were a blur. I went through the Center of the Universe Detour. As I turned to complete the last mile, my legs were trying to lock up and every piece of me wanted to walk. I had a quick flashback to last year and remembered that I beat myself up for not fully running the last mile. I yelled at myself “Leave it all out on the course!!!” Took a deep breath and powered through. Boom. 26.5 miles in 5 hours and 56 mins. New PR in the cold and windy weather. Legs cramped up, but never felt better…

New personal record. New appreciation for the Route 66 Marathon. And most importantly, gained new family and renewed sense of self. It was time to go home, warm up and celebrate with my folks at my sister’s house. And it was time to celebrate with my brother again:

When I started this marathon journey over a year ago, I was in a deep and dark depression. Anxiety was at an all time high. Now, I’m still fighting like hell, but it is love that pushes me through the storms; and it is because of love that I fight and move forward.

Route 66 Marathon 2017: fight for survival

Marine Corps Marathon 2018: breaking chains

Route 66 Marathon 2018: celebration

My Mantra

You heard me say “One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time.” I really didn’t understand the word play until after this last race. When you add up all the steps, breaths, and miles, you win your personal championships. Yea, its pretty awesome to get some pretty sick finisher medals, but my personal championships include sharing love with my folks, raising funds for Creek Nation scholarships, and being a leader and model for my kids.

Be sure to run your race One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time. Run with spirit and run with the Creator. Mvto! Thank you for following my journey and leaving me messages on my phone, Instagram (@djwicket), and on Facebook. Stay tuned to see what we do next! I’ll be sure to keep writing! Marathon 2018 Season is a wrap!

One love


Running with the Marines Pt 2 and More

What’s up party people? This is just a follow-up to my prior post and give some more shoutouts to my folks that have made this past marathon trip a huge success.

Going out to dc, I knew my crew would be limited and I would have to run alone. It was about 2 weeks before i learned about Motigo, an awesome smartphone app that lets people record cheers while you run during certain races. I needed every one of those voices and cheers. Big shoutouts to my parents, sister, niece, Florida Fobb family, Kellcee, Terra, and Jess; your cheers and prayers were huge, inspiring, and carried me through the marathon!

Lastly, big shoutout to the Marine Corps for running a great marathon! It was very inspiring to talk, shake hands, and take pictures with Marines. It was honor to run in this race. Further, with it being Veteran’s Day, big shoutout to all Veterans! Celebrate Veterans today and every day πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

My mission to dominate 2018 isn’t over though! This weekend, I ran a 5k to stay moving and workout my joints. But i also ran it because I got a request from my buddy to support her. It was great to get out in the cold and loosen up!

Up next… gonna double up the ante and the crazy this year… Route 66 Marathon! This race is extremely fun and I’m happy to be home. Can’t wait to try and improve my time from MCM. We have one more week!

Just a reminder: I am running charity! Raising funds for scholarships through the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Scholarship Foundation. Donations are tax deductible and can be submitted online! Check them out.

Remember my folks: keep running your race in love and with the Creator One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time.

One love


Running With the Marines Pt. 1

What’s up party people? It has been a very long time since I last updated. My fault y’all! Lots of stuff going on in life and running. So, let’s get to it.

Over a week ago, I watched my Dad be inducted into the OSU Diversity Hall of Fame. He committed over 20 years to Native American student development, education, retention programs, community development, and graduation programs at OSU. OK St is a leader of Native graduates, retention rates, and enrollment rates in the country. Proud of my Old Man!

The very next day, I flew out to DC in prep for the Marine Corps Marathon. I’ll admit, being a parent and educator, sleep is a luxury. Life keeps happening, but i gave myself permission to set aside all issues and concerns to focus MCM weekend. Pretty sure I was sleeping with my mouth wide open and had an ugly face while on the airplane πŸ˜‚.

I stayed with a buddy of mine, Mellor, and his wonderful family. Very blessed that they opened their house to me during my stay there. I hope that I can reciprocate the same generosity and love they showed me in the near future.

The MCM Runner’s Expo was awesome! It was great to be around other dedicated and excited runners who were just as psyched as I was to run Sunday morning. Sat in during a presentation from the Wear Blue Mile organization and then explored the expo for a while.

Later in the day, I had a lunch and dinner get together with a few friends who helped me carb up on pizza and lasagna. I’m forever grateful for Kristie and Jamie; two students I worked with during my stay in StL and who have become awesome friends πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½. Saturday evening wasn’t too bad either as OSU beat Texas. Go Pokes πŸŠπŸ”«

Race Day- I got up a bit later, but all my gear was ready to go and all I had to do was eat some oatmeal. Call it race jitters or whatever, but I only ate a quarter of my oatmeal when I saw it was time to leave. It was too late to jump on the Metro, so I hopped into an Uber and rode there. Ride was crazy expensive but worth it as I talked to other runners and their frustrations with the Metro that morning.

While checking into the Runner’s Village, I actually met some people from Oklahoma. Knowing folks were from home helped calm my nerves down. Plus, we met in the long porta potty lines, so we had a while to talk LOL.

By the time I did my biz, the race had already started. 30,000 runners were in line so I still had to wait to cross the start line. During that time, I shook hands and talked with Marines. They were awesome

Finally… crossed the starting line at 8:15 and we were off! Crowds were lined up and cheering us on. Marines were lined up giving us fist bumps and high fives. I knew it was going to be a good day.

It was a blur going through the initial stages of the race. I think i was just amazed to be back in DC and running the streets. And there was a lot of time to think as there were parts it was just us runners, the trees, and the pavement.

The Wear Blue Mile was special. It’s a part of the course where you run alongside pictures of fallen Marines that gave their lives during combat. Extremely humbling. During this part, I began thinking of my own folks. My Uncle Joe Halley, USMC Purple Heart Recipient in WW 2, and brother Hatak Yearby, USMC who was KIA in Iraq in 2006, came to mind during this mile. I began saying prayers for family as I knew at this point that my run was much bigger than a marathon. I was carrying my family and their warrior commitment.

Another time that was eye opening for me happened during the 21st Mile. I just Beat the Bridge and making my way back to Rosslyn. It was after I crossed the 21st Mile when Logic’s 1-800-273-8255 song came on. I immediately lost it and began crying. You see, during New Years, I was hospitalized. Life took me on a wicked ride and i was really scared. But 10 months later, I’m running in DC and running with the Marines.

I cried because I had made it through the storm; I cried because of my emotional and spiritual strength I’ve gained this year; I cried because I am finally rising out of the depths; i cried because i can carry 4 worlds on my shoulders (my kids); and, I cried because my life has been and is great.

There’s much more to this story, but I’ll end it here for now. In the meantime, stay tuned to this space for more MCM stories and see what is up next (hint: Route 66 Part 2).

Remember to keep running your own race One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time

One Love


So… it’s been hard to write

What’s up party people? Approximately 3 weeks left to go leading up to the Marine Corps Marathon and I’m… caught up in all the feels right now. Let’s get into what’s been going on my way for the past few weeks…

Training has been steadily moving forward. Each time I went out, I was able to cut off time from the week before, with the exception of my last 15 miler. On my last 15 miler, I had made the great choice of going without GU gels (sarcasm) and packed only my water pack with a cliff bar. Needless to say, it was tough. On my last run, I was able to power through and managed to be 6 minutes off from my last time.

The mental game has taken some hits lately. Some folks have passed away and gone to be with our Creator in the better life. Humble reminder that life is precious and that we have to build upon what our folks left to us.

Additionally, both physically and mentally, it has been a struggle to run. My IT band on my left leg has been under stress lately. Lots of ice, foam rolling, and ibuprofen. Finally, I invested in a massage, but it seemed to only point out more knots and stressed out muscles. It was another reminder that I need to do constant maintenance on my body during training.

In addition, I’ve been psyching myself out on running. I follow lots of runners and weightlifters on Instagram. Most of the time, they inspire me to get up and hit the pavement. But here recently, I’ve spent too much time comparing myself to them- not fast enough, not slim enough, just… not enough, period.

So instead of running this past weekend, I decided to focus on myself: spiritually, physically, and mentally. On Saturday, I took my daughter to her first OK St football game and we had a blast! It was so awesome to see her get into the game and do the cheers with me when we scored. Even though we lost, it was so great to spend some father/daughter time. And yes, we got matching jackets for the game πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

After the OSU game, we went to a powwow in Muskogee for the Murrow Indian Children’s Home to meet up with my family. My dad and uncles were singing at the drum. I originally went there to spend a few minutes with family, but when you’re called upon to help sing, you gotta do it.

Singing at the drum and being around family brought up my spirit. I sat there and thought about the people I used to sing with that have passed away. Then i looked at my family and was immediately humbled. My folks followed this lifestyle and trusted me and others to carry it on. It was a reminder that our Native/tribal life is great and strong. The Creator gave us these Native ways to follow and carry with us on a daily basis. As one of my elders says, “It is good to be Indian.”

Which brings me back to why I run: Running Is Ceremony. You sacrifice physically, mentally, and emotionally your body during ceremony in order to be in prayer while in presence with the Creator. This is what I do during my run; I know there are people with heavy hearts for many reasons, people who cannot get up and move, and these are the folks I pray for during running.

I’ve been asked “why do you run?” It is easy to say that I’m running because I enjoy this life and I accomplish something not many people have done (marathons). But I also run because I inherited a heart from my parents to serve the people; not only do I run in prayer for others, but I use my running to raise funds for higher education scholarships at the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.

Going back to my mental struggle with comparing myself to other runners… you know what? I’m a runner. I’m not skinny, i was never a long distance runner until last year, I don’t run a 9 minute mile, and I might not have top of the line running gear. And it’s ok! But I own my run, I beat up my body in training to be better, I run for purpose, i have determination, and I run for something that is greater than medals- the Creator’s love, my everlasting crown.

All in all, it was a good time for me to hit the reset button and recenter myself. Lots of positives, laughs, good feelings, family, and prayers were shared. Will it effect my training regiment? Who knows. But I do know that I still have time to put in work and be ready. And, still, it was important to get my mental game back on track.

Before I go, I gotta do shoutouts! Shoutout to my family- my kid crew, parents, sisters, extended fam- for rejuvenating my spirit this past weekend. Shoutout to my buddy Cecilia for many laughs and conversations. Shoutout to my bro George and AD, my family at Team Hardbody Gym. Shoutout to my bro Brain and sis Kellcee for always checking in on me. And Shoutout to you for following me during this journey!

Let’s go get these miles. Run your race One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time.

One Love


And still I rise…

What’s up party people? This is Petey coming to you live! Let’s catch up on my workouts.

So my bro 5000/trainer George has been putting me through the gauntlet of workouts that focus on my core and lower body strength. Workouts include super sets that build up my endurance and strength. Results are coming soon!

Running is slowly coming back to form. 5k and speed work is increasingly better. Time is dropping. My focus now is on the long runs. 11 weeks to go, let’s get this…

Anyone who has followed my journey, or watched others’ marathon journeys, know that marathon training is a huge mental game. Being able to focus for 26.2 miles is no joke. In the beginning, mental fatigue is real and can impact your performance/training. Finding ways to stay motivated and keep going forward is hard, but it’s about the journey.

The other night, I watched The Roast of Bruce Willis. Comedians and actors hammered him with jokes and it was pretty hilarious. But it was what Bruce said at the end of the Roast that got me. He talked about stuff he’s gone through as a person and said “I survived… because I’m Bruce f’n Willis”.

I survived. Wow, awesome, it’s amazing where you find inspiration. I started to look at my own journey: everyday Fatherly duties, keeping my kid crew going when I didn’t have the energy and drive, waking up at 4 am to run and lift, put in 8 hrs of work, dealing with loneliness, cooking, cleaning, taking the kids fishing, taking them to powwows, ceremonies, church, and community events, taking the battle straight to my struggles with depression and anxiety, and still finding the will to run the Route 66 Marathon and the Marine Corps Marathon.

I’m surviving because i battle everyday. I survive because of the love around me. I survive because folks believed in me. I survive because I’m Petey f’n Coser πŸ€™πŸ½. And still I rise…

My message to folks at this point in training: enjoy the journey, accept and learn from the set-backs and life’s cheap shots, accept the love and support others show you, and put love into your strength and endurance training. Love will take care of you. So hold your head high and your everlasting crown will not slip β€οΈπŸ€ŸπŸ½πŸ‘‘.

Ok. Think I’ve watched enough inspirational and Rocky videos on YouTube πŸ˜‚. Time to put some more miles in, slang some weights around, and leave sweat pools. Y’all be cool. And remember to run your race One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time!

One love



What’s up party people? My fault y’all, need to stay on top of my writing game.

Speaking of getting back on my game, it has been miserable to run outside. 90’s plus degrees and mad humidity levels leave me breathing like crazy and fatigued.

Workouts have been great. Extreme core and lower body workouts have been paying off as my running posture and endurance performance during weightlifting have improved. Both Coaches George and Patrick have challenged me to take extra steps to greatness and I’m slowly building strength to take those steps.

The workouts were tested at the Firecracker 5k. Man, I’m not back to where I was before- running 5k’s in 30ish minutes or anything like that. Lots of work left to do. The point of me going out to run was to get out and be among other runners that were out to have fun like me. And I needed to get outta da house and away from watching Jersey Shore Vacation πŸ˜‚

The run was something needed to reenergize myself. Being among other excited runners and a fun atmosphere was something I enjoyed. Even met some new Native runners in the Tulsa area! But it was also good to get away from the gym and workouts.

Meanwhile, my diet… that will be a story for next time.

Shoutouts: wanna give a special shoutout to a few people that help me keep going through laughs and everyday texts. Shoutout to my brother The Brain, always keepin it real and hilarious. Shoutout to Kellcee, glad you’re feeling better! And shoutout to Cecilia, ride or die!

Til next time my folks, keep running your race One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time

One Love


Geronimo Ridin On A Buffalo

What’s up party people? I know, it’s been a while since I last posted. Here we go…

Training has been going HAM. New movements and lifts have been really challenging my athleticism but the results have been much better. Coach Lopez is training my mind, body, and soul non-stop. But it has been great to be a part of his squad. The 5k’s in my regiment have been a bit easier to run and weight has been climbing down. Not at the level of where i want to be, but definitely a lot closer than where I was about 2 months ago.

Even though it is 5 months away, I make sure to wear my Marine Corps Marathon hat. Helps remind me of what I’m training for and keeps the sweat from raining on others lol.

If you are still looking for a playlist to get focused workouts, check out my sick playlist here and push it to the limit!

On another note, Father’s Day is coming up this weekend. It will be a tough weekend for me this year because of reasons I’ve explained before in prior posts, but this is my story. There are times where I feel like I’m not deserving to be a father for one reason or another. But a simple hug or an evening of playing video games reminds me that I have to keep pushing forward and evolving to be a better person for my family.

I’ve taken on my father role since day one of my family and tried to be the lead example. Do I fall as a father? Sure. There are many things that I’m not proud of and i have many difficult days of battling depression. With the recent suicide of Anthony Bourdain, life is difficult and precious. I’ve taken a second look at how i battle with depression and anxiety on a daily basis. It is exhausting and it does create a feeling of not being good enough in all aspects of my life, even being a father.

But growing stronger as a person, having love in your heart, best friends that never give up on you, and never stop pushing forward are keys to resiliency, something I try to show my family. And having mental barriers is something not to be ashamed of, but rather something to strengthen like we do our muscles and body. I’m weak now, but soon I will have the strength of 10,000 men. And I will run another marathon πŸƒπŸ½β€β™‚οΈπŸƒπŸ½β€β™‚οΈπŸƒπŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

Of course, I have been taught by my dad. There are not enough words to say my appreciation, but love you Dad! Happy Father’s Day! Go Pokes!

Ok my folks. Time to get back on my hustle game. Y’all be cool and stay cool. Run your race One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time.