But It’s Soooo Good

What’s up party people?

Well, you can probably imagine what this post is about… food. And tha struggle…

Honestly, not only did I take a break from running after marathon, I also took a break from my diet. Needless to say, I’ve had to increase my belt notch up one due to my stubborn man belly that grows like a weed. I’m being a bit dramatic, but yes, I’ve gained some weight back since taking a break.

If you were able to follow my previous posts, food has always been a struggle. Frybread, stew, chicken fried steak… I’m getting hungry again! For me, it is a battle of will power, my ability to say “no”. Slowly, but surely, I am incorporating more of my diet back into my daily eating. I won’t lie, burgers and pizzas are delish, but it is a matter of me feeling better and not feeling like there is a brick in my stomach while I run.

Keep in mind, there is a mountain of issues when it comes to eating. Folks have different eating struggles, including addiction. Be sure to know your body and address it!

Speaking of running, last week was tough as I had body aches and a little bit of fever. After my back lifting shred during mid week, I was ready to run and gun it on the trail. That night, fever hit me like a ton of bricks. All I could think about was- crap, it’s the flu. It took a day of naps and liquids for me to feel much better. It’s a humbling reminder to take things easier and pace myself. And it also gave me time to check out the new Black Panther movie soundtrack. Here’s what I’ll be running to this week.

And as always, you can check out my Running Is Ceremony playlist. I’ve updated it with more gritty and cruising songs to hit the pavement.

Here’s to another week! I will hit you all up later. Gotta go put the grind in One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time

One love



Life is a Beautiful Struggle

What’s up party people? This is Petey coming to you live and powered by bougie Starbucks coffee 😂

Big shoutout to the Philly Eagles fans. That was a huge Super Bowl win! I haven’t watched Philly since Donovan McNabb and Brian Dawkins played. But this game was one of the better games I’ve watched in a long time. Fly Eagles Fly 🦅🦅🦅

Speaking of lvmhvlke (eagles), we were visited by two beautiful eagles after church last Sunday. Where I’m from, when eagles visit you, it’s a great sign.

This is where my title comes in. I’ll admit, hope is one thing that has been pretty tough to grasp onto here lately. I’ve been putting in work on battling my inner demons as life has thrown changes. Hope has been something tough to grasp onto as part of my struggle is internalizing everything. Even if I’m not to blame, I take it in as my own fault. My thinking is that I take things on so others don’t have to. It can be very emotionally and physically taxing.

Even though this mental war is far from over, I do not stop fighting. One of my favorite hip-hop mc’s Talib Kweli says- life is a beautiful struggle. These past couple of weeks, I’ve managed to get back into the gym and slang some weights around. Running is tough on the treadmill, but at least it’s movement. OKC and Fargo are still in my sites. Let’s get it…

Change has given me a lot to think about. One thing has been school. I’ve been pushing to get my PhD at some point. Like marathons, I have to prep this stuff well in advance. But it’s something that makes me happy. I know, school makes me happy…

Nerd to the fullest here. But being in school and using my degrees is something that has given me an opportunity to take care of family, which also makes me happy. I’m also inspired by my little sister as she will be looking to accomplishing her PhD this time next year.

I saw this pic on one of my mentors Facebook page and thought I’d post it too 🤓

OK folks, I’ve nerded out and showed my resiliency. I think that’s good enough for right now. Be sure to follow my new Facebook page, look under Running Is Ceremony! I will post updates as well as other info and pics. Stay tuned to this space as I will come back at cha later. And, as always, run your race One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time…

One Love


Drippin in Finesse… and Sweat

What’s up party people? Coming to you live and powered by McDonalds coffee (blah)

So, this past week, I finally got back into the gym game and it felt good to be back in my sanctuary. Started off with a total body workout and chilled. Last night, I grinded out a mile at 7.2 mph before the treadmill suddenly stopped and i almost bit the dust 😂😂😂. Glad it did because I needed every bit of energy as i did some leg balance work, at which my legs are still shaking.

The plan is tomorrow, I’ll jump back on my routine of marathon training and do specific workouts. Meanwhile, I wanted to jump start my system and get used to moving again. And dude… I’m sore. Luckily, my IT band isn’t giving me problem.

My marathons I plan to do in the next few months are the OKC Memorial and Fargo Marathons. OKC is a special one because it pays tribute to the victims of the April 19th bombing. Fargo is something different and I get to see some of my closest friends up there- Kellcee and Brynn. Thank you both for picking me up when I had no strength and staying with me!

Diet took a crash the past couple months. I mean, good lord, holiday food ya know? But I’m slowly back to baking food and eating more clean meats and veggies. Next step, food prep (unintentional rhyming). Water intake has increased and I feel a lot better.

I’ve thought about taking preworkout supplements again. For me, they’re good for initial boost and get workout gains. Plus, I take them in cycles, make sure i eat carbs before taking them, and drink tons of water before/during/after workouts. Please be smart about them, there are some wack supplements and others that will send you through the roof. Be sure to study up on your selections and visit a doctor!

Workouts have been a good stress reliever and manager. I’m still challenged by my personal battles, but I’m working on getting stronger. Gotta get that everlasting crown 🤟🏽

I won’t ramble too much longer, so I’ll end it here and write more later. Y’all be cool! And remember, run your race One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time!

One Love,


It’s been a long time since I left you

Without a dope beat to step to! Hope you all got my Rakim reference there. Just me being a hip hop nerd 🤓

It’s been tough to get back into training. Motivation has been lagging and still battling demons. It feels like I’m fighting air but everyday is another step closer to peace. I will say one thing… the holiday blues are real so be sure to check in on each other.

This week though, I have begun to put together a race calendar. Looks something like this:

Sweetheart 10K Feb. 17;

St. Patty’s 5K Mar. 17;

OK Aquarium Half Marathon Apr. 7;

Remember the 10 10K Apr. 21;

Potential Marathons:

OKC Memorial Marathon April 29

Fargo Marathon May 19

There is a race this weekend but I haven’t done anything to prep for any race. Giving myself sometime to get back into training and get grimy. And more races will be added soon, so stay tuned to this space!

Call it a dream, but I entered my name into the NYC Marathon lottery. Cross my fingers as thousands enter their names into this lottery 🤞🏽. But it would be wicked awesome to get in and run the five boroughs. And from reading my running sister Cat’s experience, I can’t wait to be selected!

Gonna keep this entry short and shift back to my superhero job in education. More to come soon! Remember to keep moving forward One Breath, One Step, One Mile at a Time.

One love


PS- when your kids take over your office for the day, they leave their awesome coloring on your walls 😂😂😂😂

Imma Hungry Cookie Monster!!!

What’s up party people?

I took a hiatus from blogging to try and refocus my energies on work and family. Can’t forget about the wicked holiday food either. Speaking of which, I hope your holidays were great ones!

I’m also taking time to heal physically and emotionally. My body has taken its time to comeback to replenish. My IT Band hurt for the longest time but I’m finally to the point that it does not hurt or ache when I wake up. Emotionally, it’s been a different story.

If you have followed my journey, I’ve said “I been goin through some thangs” (quoting the great Cedric the Entertainer). I won’t get too specific, but these changes have really challenged me. To be honest, my spirit and heart are broken. It’s been hard to wake up in the morning and function throughout the day. I wake up at different points during the evening and spent a lot of time in bed. Since marathon, i have been sick on and off again. Some of my folks have said that “i need to man up”, “just feel good about yourself”, and that i need to keep “moving forward.” With the holidays, it has only made my experience much worse. I know my folks are concerned and love me, but that’s all i have been doing- being strong this entire time.

These life changes have forced me to take on many different roles and duties. For most of this year, I’ve taken care of my kid crew, cooked, cleaned, coached Lacrosse, lifted weights at 4 am, ran over 15-20 miles per week, put in 8-10 hour work days, exchanged ideas with some of the brightest minds in different parts of the country, debated and implemented policies to improve tribal citizen student services, commit time to being in ceremony, and given lectures to students about tribal history and politics mostly done by myself. I’ve had some major support, but ultimately i had to put in work, hours, and commitment. Out of all this, I still found time to run 26.5 miles and cross the finish line in 6 hours and 17 minutes with each of these accomplishments and along with my wonderful Mom-in-Law. I became the 0.5% of the US population that has accomplished the feat of running a marathon. To quote Nicki Minaj- “imma mf’n monster!”

So why am I down and out? Shouldn’t I feel good about my accomplishment? Great questions. Short answer is that, yes, I should be proud and feel good. But I don’t, and it is ok that I don’t feel this way right now. I’m in a huge battle with myself right now. And it hurts and very heartbreaking when you give unconditional Love to people with little or no return. It would be easy to “just move forward” or “man up”, but I wouldn’t be true to myself and wouldn’t be living my lifestyle. Showing love is all I know how to do and how to be in this world. Unfortunately, it may be my downfall. But in times like this, I love listening to Kanye West’s Jesus Walks.

Before I wrap this up, I wanna give my brother/coach Rojer a major shoutout. He’s been a huge inspiration and light in the darkness for me and my family during this time. Rojer empowers people and brings out the best in everyone. Love you my brother

Alright my folks… I promise to write more soon. Just felt like I needed to get some things off my chest and write. Keep running your race. Take things One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time.

One love


Let’s Be Legendary- 26.5 Miles

What’s up party people? I hope your thanksgiving holiday was a good one! I wanted to take the week off after marathon to fully reflect what happened and take in time with my family before writing. And, to be honest, this post is probably the hardest one to do because it’s hard to capture all my experiences during the marathon into words. Let’s go…

So, picking up from last week. Day before marathon, I picked up Nicki and my 2 little ones to go check out the expo. It was a crazy day of updating my running gear, trying out new products, and just taking in the atmosphere. Everyone was excited and ready to go! And then i thought to myself, oh ish… race day is here?!

That evening, I rested up and got some last minute things for race day- pickle juice, shades, etc. Race day jitters hit me and I was hella nervous. For some reason, I was looking for any excuse not to run. I didn’t want to fail to finish the race or quit during the race. In other words, i didn’t want to been seen as a mistake.

As i began laying out my race day stuff, i thought to myself: I’ve put too many days, hours, tears, laughs, heart, soul, and everything else for me to screw up on race day. I realized that i had angels and love all around me; My mother in law traveled down to run with me, kids constantly holding me accountable for my training, brother Rojer investing his time for me by putting together a regiment, my parents and sisters giving their huge support and encouragement, my tribal news department (Mvskoke Media) highlighting my story, friends spending countless hours on the phone and on social media giving me support, and some of the most hilarious stories from my running that you’ll hear sometime, including the time I got caught up in the Susan Komen Half Marathon by accident. By the time I thought about all these memories, I finally passed out.

Race Day!!!

Luckily, I had my race day routine ready to go: my stuff was set up and ready to go, carb up on oatmeal and lightly drink water. Once we got to downtown Tulsa and parked, Nicki and I took time to smudge ourselves with a sweet grass braid that was given to me by Shinnecock brother Christian and prayed to our Creator for a great day. It was time. Corral D. Here we go.

Once we got to Corral D, it would be around 15 minutes before we got up to the starting line. I had my earphones on listening to my pump up music trying to get my head right. I was so nervous, I couldn’t tell you the song I started out on LOL. All of the sudden, the starting gun goes off and the confetti was flying. It was so awesome just to run through the starting line that I coulda packed up and went home 😂.

We made our way out of downtown and into the neighborhoods. The stops in the neighborhoods were so awesome that I didn’t need my earphones for music as people were blasting feel good music- Sweet Caroline, Don’t Stop Believin’; plus I was making Nicki frustrated because she was talking to me the entire time and I kept saying “huh?” Volunteers were great as they kept us hydrated and neighbors had fruit for us.

Once we reached Brookside, it was a live party! The Street was filled with everyone cheering us on and giving us high-fives. Saw my buddy Yatika Fields at RunnersWorld and gave him a quick hug. He’s painting an awesome mural for the store on 41st and i can’t wait to see it. The hardest parts were along riverside and the Veterans bridge as it was just us Runner’s and the pavement. Once we got past Crybaby Hill and onto the Route 66 bridge, it was like seeing people for the first time in forever. We made a quick stop to take a pic

the marathon split, I had to pull over for a minute as my calves were trying to lock up. Nicki reminded me to keep drinking water as my skull cap was soaked. After a quick salt tablet and pickle juice, we started our run again. We kept saying to ourselves- One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time… until we came across this:

ne has been reading this blog or somethin' (jk). Just before we left downtown, I saw my longtime buddy Kristi and gave her a quick hug. During these moments, I knew this race was special. After leaving downtown and going back into the neighborhoods, you start to build some friendships with Runner's a long the way. Don't forget, 26.5 miles is a long run so you'll get to know some people.

Mile 18 was hard. Out of nowhere, I began to get emotional. I began thinking of my family, how I felt like a failure and how I felt like the family was incomplete. I kept saying "I'm sorry for all the failures and heartbreaks" And "i just want the pain and hurt to heal and go away." It was Nicki's calm and healing voice that reminded me all of us Runner's are there for a purpose and everyone is going through their own race and ceremony to make things better. After a quick stretch, we continued running through the neighborhoods. Out of nowhere, I was my buddy Cherrah, an amazing Native leader on multiple fronts, and her crew cheering us on. It was like a breath of fresh air.

Once we got to mile 20 and on TU's campus, I began to feel slow. My water pack was done and I didn't have anything in my system. Nicki and I got to the water station and replenished on liquids. And then I saw my family waiting for us at the 20th mile. I couldn't help but breakdown because they have supported my efforts in every facet of my life. I love you all! My Dad had said a quick prayer and blessed us with an eagle feather. It was a great reminder that our Creator and the universe's energies were with us during our journey.

e left my folks, we began making our way through TU. All of the sudden, I felt a sharp pain on the outside of my left knee, which I assumed it was my IT Band. Luckily, the next water stop we went to had an athletic trainer with a roller. He was able to loosen up some muscles and we trucked on. Miles 21-25 were a complete blur as we were just trying to keep hydrated and loose due to the heat. Once I saw Mile 26, I knew we were almost to the Center of the Universe detour, where Rebekah and the kids were waiting. We powered through the pain and made it through the detour to turn around and take a quick picture with the kids.

een asked this before, why do I run? I run for the healing and love of my family. I run in ceremony for my family because they are the center of my universe. And I run because I'm willing to put myself and my body on the line to bring joy and happiness to our family. Vmestvlke (My family)

Mile 26.2 and .3 left to go. Nicki sped in front of me because my legs were locking up. I remembered what she taught me during the race, which was to keep my muscles firing through power walking. I turned it into a light run and then I saw the last turn. By this time, I had the jams turned on full blast. This is gonna sound cliche, but the Creed Theme Song Lord Knows/Fighting Stronger kicked in and I felt like Adonis himself running through to the finish line

ks on both sides: sisters, mom, dad, Rebekah and the kids, Sara and her crew, and Nick and his dad. It was such a beautiful site. Finally, I crossed the finish line at 6 hours and 17 minutes.

is race was emotional for me because not only was this finishing 26.5 miles, it was also months of training, running, waking up early to train, coming home to be with the kids, cooking, cleaning, traveling to run in other 5k's, late nights overthinking, church services, working with my department to service over 1600 students, battling mental demons, going to powwows, and everything else.

< img src=”https://runningisceremony.files.wordpress.com/2017/11/img_2598.jpg&#8221; class=”wp-image-136 size-large” height=”1400″ width=”1400″><<
en as I completed the marathon, I still felt incomplete. It was a great experience and very life changing. In fact, I'm already taking a look at other marathons to run in the future. However, I felt like I should still be running. If there's one thing that I've learned during this marathon training, it is this: do not fear the unknown but rather embrace it. Just like running courses, you enjoy the scenery and take in the environment, whether it was the streets of Tulsa or the hills in Montana. I hope I can find the unknown… I love you then, now, and always.

I want to send a very special shoutout to Nicki. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have been inspired to change my life around and run 26.5 miles. Love you bunches and i can wait to run the next race with you! I'll be sure to train harder so i can keep up with your pace. Kutepetush Nicki!

I'll be sure to write more later, but I wanted to provide some quick thoughts on my marathon experience. Write more later. Remember folks, run your own race One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time.

One Love,


Time to Get Live, Time to Represent!!!!

What’s up my folks? Race day is tomorrow. I was cool up until the expo; then it settled in… oh s@$;! Marathon is tomorrow

My Mom-in-Law came in yesterday and brought a calmness to my soul. It is because of her that I’ve challenged myself to run this marathon. But it’s more than just training and running. This life change requires a lot of growth and self-evaluation. It has been hell, but Nicki has shown me how to channel love into fighting. When there is no love being exchanged, give love. When there is shaky circumstances, give love. This road isn’t easy, but it’s a part of who I am. Kutepetush (thank you) Nicki! Can’t wait to crush the course with you…

It has been a long 6 months. Over 40 lbs dropped. Countless hours of failures and wins in the weight room and running. Lots of miles logged and lots of tears shed. People have pieced me together when I fell a part. It’s time to get live, time to represent!

Follow Nicki and me on the Route 66 Marathon smartphone app! I will be wearing 1226 and Nicki will be wearing 5184.

Remember: if I have any fight for life and love in me, it’s because of my love for you all. We scratch and claw for life’s inches together. Thank you for taking this journey with me One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time!

One Love


2 Days…

Just a quick update…

I’m officially under 200 lbs!!! It was my goal to be under 200 lbs and I blasted through that wall. Waking up at 4 AM to grind a workout at 5, be back home by 630 to send my oldest boys off, wake up the younger two to get them ready for their bus, be at work by 8 to put in work for 8 hrs, come home to cook, clean, shop, give kids showers, listen and address kid probz, get them to sleep on time, and maybe, just maybe, have enough energy to watch Desus and Mero.

Quick shoutout: my brother/CreekFit trainer Rojer and his lady Leona… they just had a new addition to their family!

One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time


4 Days… Test of Courage and Strength

What’s up party people? Marathon weekend is upon us and it has been a journey. Let’s get into my recent training…

Last weekend was a bit of a last minute call. I had been chillin out at home on Friday and i caught myself thinking about everything going on in my life up this point. It has been a rough journey spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Changes had forced me to find strength that I didn’t know was there. I had been really down on myself for these changes and blamed myself for everything. Could i have done better? Certainly. Will i do better? I have to strive for personal changes and growth. Am i resistant to change? Like everyone else, yes. As one of my extended family members told me- you don’t know how strong you are until that is the only thing you have left.

So I went to visit my Uncle, who is a pastor, and had some revelations about my journey that I had realize for myself. I showed him a YouTube video my tribal nation’s news department (shoutout to Mvskoke Media and Jason Salsman!) had put together, Running Is Ceremony. He went onto say that my narrative was very scriptural; my pursuit to be cleansed spiritually and physically for prayer and ceremony is something that is a part of being with our Creator, God. Then I began thinking of everyone leaving very uplifting messages on my social media and how my story breathes life into their momentum to get up and move. I thought to myself- I have to keep moving. I’m not sure where things will end up and, at times, i feel like I’m losing, but I have to keep fighting for life and love One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time. As my Uncle quote the Bible, as long as you have Breath, there is hope.

I got home and we packed up for a road trip. Previously, I had received a notice about a special 5K being held in Marietta, OK for my bro Hatak Yearby. The Yearby family has treated me great and Hatak was a special guy, great northern traditional dancer in the powwow arena. He enlisted in the Marines and was sent to Iraq after high school in the 2000s. Unfortunately, Hatak was KIA in 2006 when the vehicle he rode in rolled over an IED. I knew this would be a great time to visit his family and home through the 5K race and Veterans Celebration.

When we made it to Marietta Saturday morning, I signed up myself and my son Gunter for this race. Shortly after, I was greeted by Hatak’s Sister, Sheema. It was like seeing my sister for the first time in 10 years and it was emotional for me. She knew my story and provided me strength to emotionally pick me up. Then I visited with her father, Justin, and he gave me the longest hug that warmed up my spirit. At this moment, I knew I was supposed to be there. I told my sister Sheema that I’ve come to run and be in prayer for their family.

When we took off, it was cold and windy. But it was fun seeing all the supporters along the trail and running along Veterans and service members. All of these folks inspired and pushed me hard during the course. As a result, this 5k was my best time in a very long time. I even almost caught up with my son Gunter, who runs like a deer 😂 Afterwards, we took in all the Veterans Day celebration activities. Let the kids run around with their brothers before we made the trek home.

Shoutouts! Big shoutout to Jason Salsman and the Mvskoke Media Department for highlighting my story. Here is their feature Article on my marathon journey. Shoutout to the Yearby/Lincoln families!

I will write a couple more times this week so you can follow me on Marathon day! Race day is almost here. It has been a long journey. Even though I’m going through life changes, I will continue to fight until my last breath. Main reason? Love. When there is conflict, separation, and division, Give Love. If there is any fight left in me, it is because of my love for my family and you all. Love is the reason I take this training One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time.

One Love


I Have A Perfectly Good Explanation… I Forgot

What’s up my folks?! 12 days until the Route 66 Marathon… and I’m feeling the anxiety and shakes 😱😱😱 So let’s get into my past week. 

So last week was my final hard set of workouts before tapering for race day, which included hip and core workouts. Pretty rigorous but my trainer said my physique matches my performance, so my body is coming together for race day. 

I begged my trainer to let me run the Jenks Half Marathon and was rejected. I was able to convince him that I should the 5k portion, which the trail looked pretty easy. So on Saturday AM, I signed up for the 5k and had every intent to run it. 

During the course of the run, I gunned it from the very start and put my thoughts aside to follow the crowd of runners. While running, I kept thinking the turn around surely has to be soon because it’s been a while. My mind was jammin to music and I was having fun running with lots of people cheering us on. 

Well, I didn’t see the exit for the 5k racers because I was following the huge crowd. And I didn’t realize that I blew passed the 5k turn off until I saw the 6 mile marker. Oops 😵😵😵. Figured it would be pointless to turn around and run back because I would end up running a half marathon doing that. Instead, I toughed it out and ran the rest of the race with limited water and carbs in my system. Sorry Rojer 🤦🏽‍♂️ 

But I’m taking this run as an emotional and spiritual cleansing run. The Creator told me to keep going and showed me that I can power through a tough scenario. It would have been easy to give up and turn around, but I kept going. Even in the last 2-3 miles, when my legs began hurting and cramping up, my instincts kicked in. I put all the pain, agony, struggles, and heartaches from the past 6 months into each step, and I ended up running my best time. 

This also revealed to me a part of myself that I’ve been working on: staying the course and not throwing my hands up when something doesn’t go as planned. I tended to get frustrated and angry because something doesn’t go right and I would essentially give up. It has affected my relationships throughout my life and driven people away. I just hope that my folks know I haven’t given up, that I love them, and pray for forgiveness. 

When I brought my half-Marathon medal home, my kids were bouncing up and down. My daughter asked if she could take it to school for show and tell, and I began crying. I realized this race has been more than about me and my personal development; I was being a model for my kids and inspiring others going through the same struggles as me to improve themselves. 

Which leads me back to what I’ve always said: don’t stop, keep fighting! Take your race One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time. Stay tuned to this space as I’ll give more updates up to race day. 

One Love