And still I rise…

What’s up party people? This is Petey coming to you live! Let’s catch up on my workouts.

So my bro 5000/trainer George has been putting me through the gauntlet of workouts that focus on my core and lower body strength. Workouts include super sets that build up my endurance and strength. Results are coming soon!

Running is slowly coming back to form. 5k and speed work is increasingly better. Time is dropping. My focus now is on the long runs. 11 weeks to go, let’s get this…

Anyone who has followed my journey, or watched others’ marathon journeys, know that marathon training is a huge mental game. Being able to focus for 26.2 miles is no joke. In the beginning, mental fatigue is real and can impact your performance/training. Finding ways to stay motivated and keep going forward is hard, but it’s about the journey.

The other night, I watched The Roast of Bruce Willis. Comedians and actors hammered him with jokes and it was pretty hilarious. But it was what Bruce said at the end of the Roast that got me. He talked about stuff he’s gone through as a person and said “I survived… because I’m Bruce f’n Willis”.

I survived. Wow, awesome, it’s amazing where you find inspiration. I started to look at my own journey: everyday Fatherly duties, keeping my kid crew going when I didn’t have the energy and drive, waking up at 4 am to run and lift, put in 8 hrs of work, dealing with loneliness, cooking, cleaning, taking the kids fishing, taking them to powwows, ceremonies, church, and community events, taking the battle straight to my struggles with depression and anxiety, and still finding the will to run the Route 66 Marathon and the Marine Corps Marathon.

I’m surviving because i battle everyday. I survive because of the love around me. I survive because folks believed in me. I survive because I’m Petey f’n Coser 🤙🏽. And still I rise…

My message to folks at this point in training: enjoy the journey, accept and learn from the set-backs and life’s cheap shots, accept the love and support others show you, and put love into your strength and endurance training. Love will take care of you. So hold your head high and your everlasting crown will not slip ❤️🤟🏽👑.

Ok. Think I’ve watched enough inspirational and Rocky videos on YouTube 😂. Time to put some more miles in, slang some weights around, and leave sweat pools. Y’all be cool. And remember to run your race One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time!

One love




What’s up party people? My fault y’all, need to stay on top of my writing game.

Speaking of getting back on my game, it has been miserable to run outside. 90’s plus degrees and mad humidity levels leave me breathing like crazy and fatigued.

Workouts have been great. Extreme core and lower body workouts have been paying off as my running posture and endurance performance during weightlifting have improved. Both Coaches George and Patrick have challenged me to take extra steps to greatness and I’m slowly building strength to take those steps.

The workouts were tested at the Firecracker 5k. Man, I’m not back to where I was before- running 5k’s in 30ish minutes or anything like that. Lots of work left to do. The point of me going out to run was to get out and be among other runners that were out to have fun like me. And I needed to get outta da house and away from watching Jersey Shore Vacation 😂

The run was something needed to reenergize myself. Being among other excited runners and a fun atmosphere was something I enjoyed. Even met some new Native runners in the Tulsa area! But it was also good to get away from the gym and workouts.

Meanwhile, my diet… that will be a story for next time.

Shoutouts: wanna give a special shoutout to a few people that help me keep going through laughs and everyday texts. Shoutout to my brother The Brain, always keepin it real and hilarious. Shoutout to Kellcee, glad you’re feeling better! And shoutout to Cecilia, ride or die!

Til next time my folks, keep running your race One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time

One Love


Geronimo Ridin On A Buffalo

What’s up party people? I know, it’s been a while since I last posted. Here we go…

Training has been going HAM. New movements and lifts have been really challenging my athleticism but the results have been much better. Coach Lopez is training my mind, body, and soul non-stop. But it has been great to be a part of his squad. The 5k’s in my regiment have been a bit easier to run and weight has been climbing down. Not at the level of where i want to be, but definitely a lot closer than where I was about 2 months ago.

Even though it is 5 months away, I make sure to wear my Marine Corps Marathon hat. Helps remind me of what I’m training for and keeps the sweat from raining on others lol.

If you are still looking for a playlist to get focused workouts, check out my sick playlist here and push it to the limit!

On another note, Father’s Day is coming up this weekend. It will be a tough weekend for me this year because of reasons I’ve explained before in prior posts, but this is my story. There are times where I feel like I’m not deserving to be a father for one reason or another. But a simple hug or an evening of playing video games reminds me that I have to keep pushing forward and evolving to be a better person for my family.

I’ve taken on my father role since day one of my family and tried to be the lead example. Do I fall as a father? Sure. There are many things that I’m not proud of and i have many difficult days of battling depression. With the recent suicide of Anthony Bourdain, life is difficult and precious. I’ve taken a second look at how i battle with depression and anxiety on a daily basis. It is exhausting and it does create a feeling of not being good enough in all aspects of my life, even being a father.

But growing stronger as a person, having love in your heart, best friends that never give up on you, and never stop pushing forward are keys to resiliency, something I try to show my family. And having mental barriers is something not to be ashamed of, but rather something to strengthen like we do our muscles and body. I’m weak now, but soon I will have the strength of 10,000 men. And I will run another marathon 🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️

Of course, I have been taught by my dad. There are not enough words to say my appreciation, but love you Dad! Happy Father’s Day! Go Pokes!

Ok my folks. Time to get back on my hustle game. Y’all be cool and stay cool. Run your race One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time.



5 Months Countdown

What’s up party people? Checking in one time about my progression.

Coach Lopez is no joke. The lower body thrash sessions have been straight gnarly. My legs are still sore and I look like a new runner when I take off on the trail 😂.

But it’s all good because it was lunges, squats, box squats, leg press, extensions, and single leg squats madness. This week was bit of a set back because I had to downshift on weight during the workout. Does it mean I’m weaker? Not necessarily. The goal of these thrash sessions has been to build up endurance, having strength for 26.2 miles and then some more. And I didn’t throw up this time 🤣

On another note, I took a look at the calendar and realized that Marine Corps Marathon is about 5 months away. Wicked! This time around, I want to set some real goals. With Route 66, I just wanted to survive lol. After going through my journey, I could’ve done a lot better with my marathon time. Not sure what the goals are yet, but stay tuned to this space.

Alright y’all, I’ll check in later with more updates. Y’all be cool. Run your race One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time ✌🏽

One Love


Losing Weight… or My Lunch

What’s up party people? PJ checking in one time with you!

Man, Coach Lopez has been putting me through the grind y’all. A healthy mix of squats, hack squats, leg presses, band squats, lunges, and leg extensions really test my gangsta.

So at yesterday’s workout, I thought I was prepped and ready to go. Problem was that I didn’t fuel myself properly and had a stomach full of preworkout just sitting on top of all the water I drank earlier. On top of that, Coach Lopez said that we were gonna have fun. Uh-oh…

The beginning of the workout went well; slangin weights and putting in the grind. I can tell I’m losing weight and gaining muscle as my movement has been a lot better. Busted out 275 lbs on squats easily. Well, the fun started during circuit training. I immediately felt queasy in my stomach after round 1 and barely made it through round 2. If you can’t tell where this is going, yes i did make a bathroom visit and yacked. And for those who know me, yes, it was melodramatic. Blegh. I’ll learn someday, but I really have to get on my diet game ASAP hustle.

Well, after visiting the porcelain god, I powered through and completed my workout. Straight gnarkill 🤟🏽. Guess if you’re not puking, you’re not trying LOL

Right now, I’m planning to do some 5k’s and keep moving. Gonna run with the Native community this weekend at the Day Ohn Day 5k. I would try the 10k but man, I haven’t gotten used to this Oklahoma humidity yet. Gotta downshift for a moment.

Aiite my folks, write more later. Be sure to stay safe this holiday weekend! More to come, stay tuned to this space… and as always, run your race One Step One Breath One Mile at a Time

One love


Work Hard, Play Less… Time to Invest

What’s up party people?! It’s been a while since I last wrote, so let’s get into it…

In order to get ready for Marine Corps Marathon, I figured that I would have to change up my approach to get back into the game. When I look back on my recent workouts, I could not say I’ve put in quality work like I did going into Route 66 Marathon. Unfortunately, I do not have my brother Rojer close by as he’s doing his hustle as a father of 2, being a husband, and a student. So it was back to the drawing board…

The cool part is that at my gym, there was a trainer I made a connection with while on my run. Enter in Coach Lopez, a trainer with a freakish body of nature and cool personality that will inspire anyone under his direction. Just in the short time that he’s put me through work, I can feel an immediate difference in my running and endurance. I can’t wait to Run with the Marines and crush the course

Speaking of work, it seems like that’s all I do; it’s all I know how to do. Some might say that’s all I had to do because for a very long time, all of my paycheck would pay for my family’s food, shelter, and clothes. I wanted to take family vacations, buy nice things like fancy rings, or find other ways to express my love for family. But it was borderline impossible.

However, I have reminders to slow down and invest in myself. What does self-investment mean? What would make me happy… run a marathon, check… get below 200 lbs, check… raise funds for a scholarship, check…

if you have followed my journey, you know that I went through post-Marathon blues. I stopped eating correctly and working out as if that was it, no more. Even though I had plans to get back into my regiment, it took forever due my mental game not being on track. Once I got back into the gym and on my regiment, I was bummed out from the very get-go because I didn’t have quality running results. Instead of having fun and making gains on the regiment, going to the gym and working out became more busy work.

After running my 10K a few weeks ago, it sent a shock through my system. I knew it was time for a change and begin investing in myself. After some personal budgeting and visiting with Coach Lopez, I knew this was a step to take due to everything falling into place at the right time. And after these initial workouts, I am having fun again and looking to build upon my performance from Route 66 Marathon. This is gonna be good, so stay tuned to this space!

Shoutouts: shoutouts to my peoples that have been my strength during this time. Thank you for listening to my repetitiveness and letting me pester you on a constant basis. It really means a lot to have folks like you a part of me. I hope to make you proud! Also, big shoutout to my sister Ash, she’s graduating with her PhD y’all!

Remember to run your race One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a time…

One love


Rain, Hail, Sleet, Snow, Whatever Weather We Ride

What’s up party people? It’s been a moment since I’ve written, but here we go…

So I haven’t signed up for a race all year because training hasn’t been up to par. It has been a struggle to pick up the pace during my speed-increment workouts. Diet is improving but not at the place where I need to be. And I’ve been battling sickness this whole month.

However, there is a race I’ve been pushing to make every year back home in Stillwater- The Remember the Ten 5k-10k. It’s a memorial run OK St Counseling Dept puts on each year to memorialize the 10 lives that were lost in a airplane crash in 2001. I got to know one of the lives lost before that tragic night and as a Cowboy alumnus, I remain #loyalandtrue.

I signed up the day before and just said to myself that I need to go and have fun. Don’t press for good times or beating anyone; just enjoy running in my hometown and running with Cowboy Nation.

The night before race day, I laid out all my gear and even made a sick Spotify playlist for the race. Well, race day Morning was just as humbling as the actual race. In true Petey fashion (anyone who has ran with me knows I tend to be knuckleheaded), I woke up later than expected, didn’t eat breakfast, didn’t pack rain gear, drove to the outskirts of Jenks and had to come back home because I left my frickin shoes. Straight up Murphy’s Law that morning.

I promptly got to the race site at 15 mins before start and still had to check in and wrap my feet in KT tape. After all of that, I ended up leaving my phone in the car after making my awesome running playlist. Comedy of errors. Not to mention that the weather was wicked- cold, raining, and windy. Luckily my sister had brought my windbreaker so there was some relief.

The race itself was pretty fun. Great support and water stands throughout the course, which was great because the course was deceptively hilly. Lots of puddles to run through and got to run throughout campus. Even though I finished in 1’20”, I felt pretty good and happy I made the race even after all the morning madness lol 😂.


Shoutout to my family for always supporting my running and push me to train harder. Shoutout to my sister Ash for helping me out race morning. Happy Birthday Shoutout to my sis Kellcee! And shoutout to my buddy Cecilia- you are the perfect verse over a tight beat!

Alright my folks, I’ll write more later. One of these days, I’ll learn from my race day mistakes lol. And always run your race One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time

One love


By the Time I Land in Arizona

What’s up my folks? I’m trying to get on here a post more, but like everything else, stuff is going 100 mph. Anyways, let’s get into it…

Running has been a grind lately. I’m steadily making improvements, but it has been tough to get my wheels under me. The lay off I took after Route 66 was definitely too long and I’m paying for it. Diet and exercise took a back seat due to holidays and thangs. Problem is that I took too much time getting back into running and it has caused me to adjust my race schedule. The road back 26.2 miles continues…

Even as I had to adjust my race schedule, a new door opened. There are some bucket list races I have, including NYC and San Francisco. I put my name into the NYC marathon lottery and did not make it. However, another race had its open lottery and it is a bucket list run.

The Marine Corps Marathon had opened their lottery and I figured that it wouldn’t hurt submit my name. I wasn’t sure that I would make it, so I kept truckin through my workouts and getting ready for the next set of races. This I got this email:

I got picked to register. Game on. Let’s go. Shortly after receiving this email, I paid for my registration and I will now be a participant in the 43rd Marine Corps Marathon! Time to go beast mode and represent. The road back to 26.2 miles begins now…

Do things happen for a reason? Sure. This new goal gives me an opportunity to learn from my first marathon experience and get things right. One of my mentors said that I binged on workouts leading up to Route 66, which makes sense. MCM gives me a chance to make these changes now and work on everything else this far ahead in the game. I’m looking forward to becoming the athlete I’ve been working towards since last year.

New surroundings when doing workouts give a great chance to explore and make memories. Leading up to Route 66, I ran in Montana and along my sister in Choctaw country. Both times, I had a lot of fun and breathed in new energy.

Recently, I got the chance to travel to Tucson, Arizona for some work. If you don’t know Tucson, it is located in the mountains and surrounded by beautiful desert landscape. In between sessions, I laced up my gear and went on some runs. Running in the mountains is good for the soul

Aiite my folks. There are more things to share, but it will have to wait. Shoutouts: my parents, good friend Paula, and homie Cecilia. More shoutouts soon. In the meantime, come run with me One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time

One Love


Running? Welcome to Shrug City

What’s up party people? Just checking in for a moment.

So, the title of this blog is self explanatory. Running was going strong a week ago and then, allergies. It’s a daily battle and has taken a lot of energy. Don’t get me wrong, this is an excuse not to run LOL.

Another pitfall has been eating. It’s been rugged with missed promises of working out the next day. I took a break after marathon to enjoy holiday eating. Problem has been that I kept eating like it was the holidays! Weight has come back with a vengeance as my stomach tire is starting to grow. With wild onion season going on, it has been tough to curb fried foods (yum).

But all is not lost. There are goals coming up that I am focused on and that will force my butt to get in gear. There are a couple races coming up next month that should be a lot of fun, especially the Remember the Ten 10k at my alma mater, OK St. This run is special as it serves as a memorial for the 10 lives the Cowboy family lost back in the early 2000s due to a plane crash. I run it for the 10 lives and also a buddy of mine that was one of the 10.

Speaking of the OSU Cowboy family, I got the cool chance to meet Miss Oklahoma Triana Browne. She’s also a tribal citizen of the Chickasaw Nation and an OSU grad. Pistols firing!

Ok my folks, have to get back to tha grind. More updates on running and weight training to come. Y’all be cool and remember to run your race One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽

One Love


Running, Scratching, Clawing Back to Form

What’s up party people?

It has been a tough road back to running form. My legs are taking a while longer than I expected, but slowly they are becoming wheels again. Increment Running has been key. Starting off with 1 minute running/1 minute walking for 20 minutes was initially rugged, but I think I’ve found my stride and form now.

Diet has been a little bit better. Haven’t been lunch prepping as much but I’ve been able to find healthy options while out and about. Burgers and pizza are hard to sway away from though lol

While I was running recently, I felt my thoughts were going faster than my running speed. My overthinking caused me to lose my breathing technique and be exhausted quicker. So I downshifted into what makes me happy while walking. I immediately began thinking of my oldest son, Jacob and his journey with me as father and son. Then it was time to run again, so I shift into a quick thought of him, which was a time when he was a few months old and he was playing in between his mother and myself. I could remember looking into his eyes and seeing complete innocence and happiness.

Then before I knew it, I was running at faster speeds. But it didn’t matter as I was focused on this single thought, time, and space that made me really happy to the point I got emotional during the workout. After 20 minutes of inspired increment running, I almost collapsed but the feeling was great. The struggle back to form is real, but it can be a great journey as well.

Ok my folks, I promise to write more as we go along! Lots to update you on. In the meantime, keep running your race One Step, One Breath, One Mile at a Time.

One Love