So… a little bit more about the Scholarship…

So yea… I am using my marathon training and experience to help raise funds for the Everlasting Crown Scholarship through the MCN Scholarship Foundation. Why this scholarship? Why use my marathon experience to fundraise?

I have been a part of the education world for 8+ years now and it has been an adventure and blessing. The pic above was a group of awesome students I worked with prior to leaving the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis. These awesome scholars have graduated with their Masters in Social Work and will do great things for tribal communities. As an educator and advocate, I feel that it is my duty to build assets for tribal students. In this specific case, help build an asset for Muscogee (Creek) student-citizens.

Another part of my story includes going through the grind of Master's degree work. I started my master's work at the University of Oklahoma in 2008. It was a great start and I was very excited to be in a masters program! However, I soon found out the sacrifice and grind that it puts a person through during the course of my life. My relationships with my wife and kids took a hit as the work that I put in often had me grinding for 12-16 hours per day. Rebekah worked tirelessly to bring home resources, which meant she often put in 12-16 hour days at her employer. School loans, tribal grants, and scholarships provided much needed help, but resources were always needed. Needless to say, once i graduated with my master's degree, I played catch up with being a husband, partner, and dad.

When we (Rebekah and I) created this scholarship, we kept in mind the experiences and hardship master's students with families have to endure; requires a lot of sacrifice and energy that is sometimes not there. We hope this scholarship provides some extra relief to masters or PhD students with families.

Keep running and win the day! Stay tuned to this space. One love…

Let’s Do This 🤘🏽

I am Pete Coser, Jr. and this is my journey to the Route 66 Marathon on November 19th, 2017. Like others before, I want to share my journey through struggles, wins, challenges, and victories. Hopefully what I share will impact others to do the same.

Just to give you a brief background of myself, I have a multitude of skills and experiences. I'm a quality mix of being an educator, politico, and lacrosse junkie. I have an outstanding wife in Rebekah; she is a huge inspiration through her hard work, dedication, and love. My kids, a crew of 4, each have their own unique ways; I'm proud to be their father. There's much more to me personally and I will share much more in my future posts.

But for right now, I want to give you my goals. 1. Run the Route 66 Marathon (which is why I'm here); 2. Continue my athletic lifestyle; 3. Use my athleticism to help build community and resources; and 4. Keep knocking out life goals.

I want to address #3, especially the building resources part. So I'm not only putting myself on the line, but I'm using my training and running to benefit others. My tribal nation, the Muscogee (Creek) Nation (MCN), has provided me tons of support and resources to ensure my success. Through my marathon training/running and love for the MCN, I will be fundraising for a scholarship through the MCN Scholarship Foundation. This particular scholarship, called the Everlasting Crown Scholarship, will be for a Creek student that is in their masters and/or PhD work in the social sciences and the student must be a parent or guardian. You can donate to MCN Scholarship Foundation Donation Page. Be sure to write in the scholarship's title- Everlasting Crown!!!

My attached pic is of me my brother/#CreekFit coach Rojer Johnson and my Lady of Tank (Wifey) Rebekah. Both will be putting me through the grind for the next 4 months in preparation. They are just as crazy as I am, which is why I recruited their services 😂. But I couldn't imagine taking this huge step without them.

Time to put on my Mizuno's and put some miles together. Stay tuned to this space… Let's go!!!